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Training Bundle

What to Expect

The IAPP’s Privacy Program Management training covers privacy program governance and the skills necessary to establish, manage and maintain a privacy program across all stages of its operational life cycle.

Chock-full of rich imagery, video and text, the training is an engaging, self-paced course. It incorporates IAPP faculty video clips, engaging interactions and review questions to guide you through privacy program management in a thorough, easy-to-follow format.

The training comprises 10 modules with an approximate run time of 10 hours (about one hour per module).

The course offers learners an opportunity to learn about critical privacy concepts that are also integral to the CIPM exam. It is not purely a "test prep" course, nor does taking the training guarantee you will pass your exam.

It is appropriate for professionals who plan to certify and those who want to deepen their privacy knowledge. Give yourself the best chance of passing the exam by studying for at least 30 hours and reviewing the additional free resources found here

Online Trainings Updates and Access

The IAPP updates online trainings 1-2 times a year to ensure any revisions to the certification Body of Knowledge are adequately addressed. These updates are automatically integrated into your product and do not require an additional purchase.

Approximately every 3-5 years—or when a major new privacy regulation or development has occurred—an online training will be overhauled and re-released. Users will need to purchase the newest version of the training to access the most current content. If you have purchased a training in the six months prior to a new version release, you will receive the new version free of charge. The IAPP cannot guarantee indefinite access to online trainings, especially if a previous version of a training that has since been overhauled can no longer be maintained from a technical perspective (for example, trainings created prior to 2016 using now-retired Flash Player functionality). For questions, please contact us.

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